Leads and Data has developed a model that gives clients the confidence that data and marketing professionals are promoting and protecting their brand when talking to prospects. Our full time account managers have years of experience in discussing a broad range of sophisticated products and services with key decision makers in your chosen target market. We qualify our clients’ leads so that your sales force is meeting with people that want to do business. Leads and Data is the ideal outsourced solution that allows you to receive an ongoing flow of sales opportunities leaving you to focus on other areas of your business.

If your business needs MORE business, then speak to one of our consultants about a pilot campaign and make 2017 your year to exceed sales expectations.

  • Call Center Data and Services
  • Direct Mail Data and Services
  • Expert Management and Quality Control
  • Mail List Rental vs. List Buying
  • Data Consulting and Pinpoint Target Market Approach
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Other Direct Marketing Solutions to support your campaign are available
  • Lead Generation
  • Opt-In Email Data

Leads and Data is one of the leaders in boutique business to business outbound telephone & mail marketing. Our call center specialists are the best in the country, and our approach is focused on quality over quantity. Most importantly, we focus on your “ROI”.

Mailing & Telephone Lists

Leads and Data has one of the world’s most accurate and up-to-date databases. Our telephone operators are constantly contacting businesses worldwide to update decision makers’ details, industry classifications, employee size, etc. We can provide business lists for any telemarketing or direct mail campaign. And we can segment our data by demographic, geographic and psychographic criteria.

We also have relationships with premier data providers around the globe to ensure that we can source the most accurate and targeted data for our clients if we do not hold it in-house. Data can be segmented and manipulated via a wide range of variables to specifically target our clients’ ideal prospects.

Call Center Marketing

Leads and Data utilizes Call Center marketing in conjunction with other strategies to ensure our clients’ messages are quickly and effectively conveyed to the target audience.

DSG: Meet the Team

Over 50 year of combined experience!

Eric Reinertsen
Eric ReinertsenCEO & GM
Eric is well versed in all aspects of Data and Digital Marketing and has the versatility to adapt to market changes and take advantage of new innovations.
Karla Bruno
Karla BrunoMarketing & Sales
Karla is an expert in online marketing best practices, including client relationship management, expectation and goal setting, strategic and tactical planning, and the translation of client goals and objectives into profit.
Bryan Gissiner
Bryan GissinerOnline Media BizDev
20+ years in marketing working both buy and sell sides of everything from Traditional Media to Programmatic, Data, Digital, mobile, retail and beacons.
Jon Reinertsen
Jon ReinertsenDirector
Jon takes a more hands on approach focusing on the Data Management and Development side of Datastream Group, and also making a name for himself in sales.
Ken Berquist
Ken BerquistBoard of Advisors
Assisting in marketing, sales and finance as well as guiding data development for the programmatic space.
Beth Blank
Beth BlankDB Management and Acquisitions
Beth has been involved in DM industry for almost 20 years. With her specialty in sourcing, compiling and selling Automotive Data and marketing products.

Who We Are

About Datastream Group, Inc.


  • 1 Billion Data Elements
  • 250MM – 270MM Consumers, 50MM-60MM Households, Permission based fully opt-in
  • Access to 7 Billion active/historical mobile device id’s paired with hashed email, IP Address, user agent string
  • 880MM email addresses paired with IP Address and postal, 43MM Email addresses linked to Facebook log in
  • 78MM Auto VINS Linked to postal


Naples, FL

The Company
Datastream Group, Inc. has over one billion data elements providing data for telemarketing, direct mail, and email companies, as well as for TV and radio live transfer leads, and real-time Internet leads. Specialties include:

  • List brokerage
  • Data management
  • Millions of leads by category and verticals
  • Lead generation
  • Opt-in email list
  • Co-reg data
  • Marketing
  • Email
  • Consumer master file
  • B2B data
  • Auto VIN database
  • Payday loan historical database
  • Insurance database

The Master File is derived from self-reported consumer data, forms, surveys, and compiled data. Datastream’s master file records are opted in, and consumers can be targeted offline by postal and telemarketing efforts, and online by interest and intent. Audiences can be targeted by intent to purchase categories, IP Address (B2B & B2C), and by device (desktop, tablet, and smart phone). Data can be licensed for append purposes, marketing purposes, and hygiene & verification uses. Datastream will also enhance and enrich a company’s existing records through their OneDB platform.


  • Consumer Master File
  • NCOA/CASS cleansed quarterly
  • 270MM consumers representative of approximately 50MM-60MM households
  • 40MM flagged Facebook users
  • Cross-device verification

Data Fields Available

  • Basic Demographic Information
  • Opt-In Date – Time Stamp for Opt-In
  • Generations Buckets
  • Credit Rating Home Value Life Style Interests
  • Income
  • Donations
  • Mortgage Information
  • Auto Make/Model
  • Mortgage Lender
  • Auto Vin
  • Ethnicity
  • Motorcycle Make/Model
  • Property Loan AMT
  • Motorcycle Vin
  • LandLine
  • # of Vehicles in HH
  • Cell Phone 1&2
  • Driver’s License State Issuance
  • Cell Phone Carrier
  • Driver’s License Revoked
  • Cell Phone DNC
  • Occupation
  • IP Address
  • Pay Day Flag
  • Email Address
  • Pay Day
  • Employer
  • Email Verified
  • Flag Pay Day
  • Military Flag
  • Facebook Flag ( Email is used for authentication on FB)
  • Presence of Children and ages
  • UserAgentString Lat/Long

Business Master File:

  • 30 Million businesses nationwide
  • 28 Million business contact emails
  • SIC classification o Contact title and phone number
  • Cookies

Derived from Datastream’s website collections and also provided through LiveRamp and others

  • Source 1: 880MM monthly
  • Source 2: 200MM daily
  • 2%-4% of cookies are paired with a hashed email

Other Specialty Files of Note:

  • Smokers with email Universe 19MM
  • AAA Voters & Political Advocates Universe ~141.2MM
  • Business Opportunities Interest Universe & w/Email
  • 78MM Wealthy American Universe ~4.2MM w/Email ~2MM
  • AAA Accredited Investors Universe ~5.8MM w/email ~1.9MM
  • Pet Owners Universe 6.8MM w/Email 5.8MM
  • Diabetics Universe ~17.5MM w/Email 8MM
  • Senior Citizens Universe ~45MM w/Email ~9.4M
  • Life Insurance Interest Universe & w/Email 8.3MM
  • Lawyers/Attorneys Universe ~443K w/Email ~422K
  • Payday Loans Universe 75MM w/Email 75MM
  • Credit Card Turndowns Universe 2.8MM w/Email 1.8MM
  • Auto Insurance Seekers Universe ~13.4MM
  • Social Network Users Universe 79MM
  • Doctors & Physicians Universe 1.2MMw/Email~13.4MM
  • Facebook users 146MM Boat Owners Universe ~7.4MM w/Email ~2.4MM
  • Continuing Education Universe w/Email 19MM
  • Veterans Universe 10MM w/Email 2.6MM
  • New Credit Hotline Universe 148MM
  • Health & Fitness Universe 18MM w/Email 15MM
  • Hispanic Universe & w/Email 22MM
  • Internet Buyers w/Credit Card Universe 28.6MM w/Email 19MM
  • Solar & Home Improvement Universe & w/Email 6.8MM
  • Mortgage Seekers Universe & w/Email 10MM
  • Auto Finance Seekers Universe w/Email 936K
  • Opt-in Email/Phone Universe 303MM
  • Automotive VIN ID Universe 206MM
  • VIN 128MM
  • Email 64MM
  • Premium VIN Verified/Enhanced 90MM
  • Motorcycle Owners Universe 6.2MM VIN 5.4MM Email 2.4MM


  • Data Warehouse access through API for self-service counts and purchases
  • Email & Phone: Full postal, email, phone, and cell
  • Digital Advertising: Desktop, tablet, and smartphone audience targeting ( IDFA)
  • IP Address: Target audience by IP Address ( B2B, B2C)
  • Interest & Intent: Target audiences by hundreds of interest and intent to purchase categories

For More Information

For more information please feel free to contact us at Datastream Group, Datastream Group, Inc – sales@datastreamgroup.com or (239) 260-1566