Common Myths about data use in marketing.

With marketers furiously trying to make sense of the data they collect to make it actionable, and in many cases trying to find scale once they do, there are some common myths that are being repeated around the industry at events, that only make data acquisition more difficult. Here are some of the more common [...]

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Smart Cities and Cars – More evidence marketing is becoming more local and transactional.

If you have been following the buzz lately about IoT you will see plenty about how our homes are becoming more connected and automated. But if you look just beyond that you will also hear rumblings about cars and cities becoming smarter and more connected as well. Sure there is plenty out there about electric [...]

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Is “Zachary” who you really want to spend your budget on?

Not long ago marketers rejoiced to the report of likes, follows, clicks and even search bar entries of their product or brand. Now that things have progressed though many are finding that that first-party data can be deceiving. Unfortunately, those IP addresses and that audience is usually who many marketers are advertising to. Without really [...]

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