Location Accuracy – Stop using it as an excuse not to do targeted mobile campaigns.

For years I have been hearing the "last meter" argument for "why mobile marketing data doesn't work and should be avoided". Nearly every time I hear it I roll my eyes and think to myself "please stop". For years this has been the excuse not to make the leap to do mobile marketing in general [...]

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Customer engagement is no longer a nice to have. How to get caught up if you are lagging behind.

Marketers are struggling with how to get customers to engage. With so many channel options and declining attention spans it has become an issue. Add to that the problem of ad blockers and increasing options for consumers to receive only the messages they want and marketers are having to up their game. This means really [...]

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Common Myths about data use in marketing.

With marketers furiously trying to make sense of the data they collect to make it actionable, and in many cases trying to find scale once they do, there are some common myths that are being repeated around the industry at events, that only make data acquisition more difficult. Here are some of the more common [...]

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