I got two yesterday in my mailbox. Those postcards and what looks like hand-addressed letters with offers for everything from local dealer VIP events to how to make money flipping houses seminars or offers for discounts on any number of things from Burgers to roofs. Most times they fill my recycle bin, but recently I have been taking a different step and that is reaching out to those companies to let them know they are wasting a ton of money on their direct mail campaigns. Before I am not permitted to enter the DMA Then & Now event this year let me explain.

Products tend to come together after conversations where the realization is there is a better way that is not the way things have always been done. For companies that do large direct mail campaigns that day is here. Using a mix of online deterministic intent data and then doing an identity match to offline data may be a triple threat way to better target the right customers, cut costs and increase engagement and sales both online and offline. Using the online data to reinforce the offline campaign, catalog or offer is also a proven way of using omnichannel resources to increase sales and ROI.

Online meets offline marketing – The trick is to find either the right data supplier that can help you identify the right online audience at scale to then match to the corresponding offline data. With both opt-in offline data and online data, a direct mail, email and display campaign can be easily done for about the same cost as a large direct mail campaign with results that could be as much as 10X higher than a traditional direct mail alone. While most SMB companies are happy with the red Plum type of coupons and local Val-Mag direct mail publications, many are beginning to explore the data market looking for ways to capture local in-market consumers using some of the new data sources in the industry. Once this is worked out at an affordable price look for local contractors and SMB’s to begin to try to compete this way as well.

Where it’s all headed- The migration in marketing to location-based transactional marketing is currently in the works and marketers already have the way to do this using remarketing and capturing online behavioral data and then doing an identity graph to have the ability to reach consumers cross-channel and device. Once this ability is real-time direct mail marketing may change yet again. But in the meantime, the ability to bring together online intent and offline deployment creates opportunities for marketers to get more strategic about their campaign spending and getting better ROI from their direct mail campaigns.

Datastreams’ Ingage 360 Allows you to have a complete view of your target consumer with records that are all opted in, and consumers can be targeted offline by postal and telemarketing efforts, online by keyword, interest, and intent. Audiences can be targeted by intent to purchase categories, IP Address (B2B & B2C), and by a device (desktop, tablet, and smartphone). Data can be licensed for append purposes, marketing purposes, and hygiene & verification uses. Datastream will also enhance and enrich a companies existing records through their Ingage 360 platform.

Datastream has a competitive edge licensing their data because there is a large appetite in the current market for a marriage of digital identities to households. The Consumer Master File is built from active online consumer and business audiences and can be traced back to a postal address. You can also find our data on platforms like LiveRamp data store, Lotame, and others. For custom requests, or to find out more contact us. We specialize in helping you make sense of your data, engage and convert the right audience.. (bryan@datastreamgroup.com)