The ghosts and goblins have come and gone for another year and the scariest thing you likely face now in Q4 is the data you need to target audiences ahead of “Black Friday”. The questions (not sugarplums) are dancing n your head now around how to reach the in-market consumers you want to reach, and where to reach them to make sure they know you have the best present or best deal on the presents they want.

With all of this to face, it’s no wonder the holidays are stressful and even more so for marketers. How to beat last years numbers and get the growth needed to call this holiday season a success and keep it in the black is the biggest question weighing on the minds of most marketers. Getting to the right audience with enough scale to move the needle at the end of the year is the ingredients of every successful campaign. But with data supplies being so fractional where can you go to get the right audience at scale and get the insight you need into that audience to be able to do the campaign right? No need to sit on Santa’s lap and waste a holiday wish this year. Datastram Group, Inc. has what’s on your Christmas list to keep you on the Boss’ nice list this year.

With over 250 million+ consumer offline self-reported (opted in) records there is no reason to fight the crowds to get the data you need to reach the right audience with your direct mail or email campaign. We have verified records with full hygiene run on them so you can get the data you need ready to deploy and have the confidence to know it will reach the consumers you need to reach to engage and convert them this season. We also have consumer purchase data to make sure you get the insight you want on the audiences you’re looking for. Everything from Auto to CPG and electronics purchases will let you see what your audiences may want in their stockings.

If you are looking for a more omnichannel audience so you can reach them as they comparison shop in the store from their mobile device we also have online and mobile records to give you a more complete 360 view of those audiences. Everything from building keyword audiences to building audiences by where they shop or events they attend and more. Target your competitors or build audiences around those who are already looking for the products you are getting ready for the holiday rush. We can even onboard your first party data and append what we have to it to push it out to your CRM system or agency or DSP of your choice for deployment. If you need deployment services we work with some of the best to make sure your campaign is a complete success.

To make this easier we have a handy clip and save list, of the data we have available. Just circle your needs or cross out any that don’t apply to your campaign and let us know what you are looking for and we will be glad to get the data you need to you ready for deployment. If you are looking for a database your many silos can access, ask us about an enterprise agreement so that your teams can access the same audiences and share the data across all of the channels you plan to use.

Get a jump on Black Friday and holiday audiences with;

  1. Offline self-reported (opted in) data for direct mail and email campaigns.
  2. Online cookie data or keyword audiences for programmatic and email campaigns
  3. Mobile data or location-based audiences for mobile programmatic or email campaigns
  4. Consumer purchase data for insight on online shoppers and intent insight for all campaigns.

Datastreams’ Ingage 360 Allows you to have a complete view of your target consumer with records that are all opted in, and consumers can be targeted offline by postal and telemarketing efforts, online by keyword, interest, and intent. Audiences can be targeted by intent to purchase categories, IP Address (B2B & B2C), and by a device (desktop, tablet, and smartphone). Data can be licensed for append purposes, marketing purposes, and hygiene & verification uses. Datastream will also enhance and enrich a companies existing records through their Ingage 360 platform.

Datastream has a competitive edge licensing their data because there is a large appetite in the current market for a marriage of digital identities to households. The Consumer Master File is built from active online consumer and business audiences and can be traced back to a postal address. You can also find our data on platforms like LiveRamp data store, Lotame, and others. For custom requests, or to find out more contact us. We specialize in helping you make sense of your data, engage and convert the right audience.. (