The truth about the state of data in marketing.

Discussion after discussion with everyone from DSP's, SSP's, publisher and marketers makes one thing is becoming more important in marketing, as is attribution. But sadly either no one is taking responsibility for the data that is used or really knows who is responsible for it, or is buried in peta bytes of real-time data [...]

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Matching Customers Across Multiple Devices; how to get that done now.

Econsultancy released a survey of marketers in Septemeber of last year where nearly two-thirds of the marketers surveyed said Identifying customers across multiple devices is a priority yet only 14% said their company had the capabilities to do that. A gap of 60% overall who want to and can actually accomplish that. Doing this internally [...]

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The cost of acquiring data is dropping….is this a good thing?

My grandpa always use to say "you get what you pay for!" This brings up the question is the same true for data? As the cost of acquiring data continues to fall, it is odd to me that so many data analysts who pride themselves on being skeptical have not stopped to ask themselves this [...]

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