CMO’s / marketers could see better results from data use. Here’s how to get more from your data.

When four-fifths of the respondents of a recent survey conducted by New Vantage Partners say they are seeing good to moderate success using data it is time to take notice. When the outcomes of these successes are reduced expenses and increased innovation in marketing efforts then everyone from the top down should be focusing on [...]

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How are you reaching your customer? Here are the steps you should be taking now.

The simple question of "How are we reaching our customer and are we engaging them?" has caused more fear and panic in board rooms all over. The issue of transparency and it's inherent issues, and having the ability to attribute the marketing efforts to actual sales is becoming even more of an issue.  CMO's are [...]

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Third Party and Location data are about to be your new best friends.

For the past year and a half, I have been writing about data, and data trends, and where I thought this whole trip down Alices rabbit hole would go. For every new shiny thing that was introduced, I was still convinced marketing will become more transactional and location based as technology evolves. Marketers have always been [...]

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