Third party data, when to use it, and how best to use it.

For companies who have already begun implementing a customer centric, data driven marketing plan, first party data is about as far as most have gotten. Yet to be tackled are the issues of scale, augmenting audiences, finding good quality third party data to use to create scale and also finding the right segments and consumers to [...]

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Datastream Group – Who we are

About Datastream Group, Inc. Highlights 1 Billion Data Elements 250MM – 270MM Consumers, 50MM-60MM Households, Permission based fully opt-in Access to 7 Billion active/historical mobile device id’s paired with hashed email, IP Address, user agent string 880MM email addresses paired with IP Address and postal, 43MM Email addresses linked to Facebook login 78MM Auto VINS [...]

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Skeptical but expedient is best when it comes to data.

There is a new badge of honor making the rounds in data departments everywhere, and the ones who buy data for advertisers, brands, programmatic platforms, etc. are wearing it with pride. It is the badge of the "skeptic". More than once this has been thrown at me as a warning by data gurus, followed by [...]

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