Take your sales to the next level by acquiring fresh, high quality marketing leads.

  • Comprehensive and innovative strategies = Stronger ROI.
  • Maximize your marketing dollars with our cutting edge technology and data solutions.
  • Build your brand by letting us deliver consistent, creative and compelling calls to action.
  • Pick a consumer category-any category-and we will craft a solution that helps you drive revenues.

Leads and Data provides data for telemarketing, direct mail and email companies, TV and radio live transfer leads, and real time internet leads. We have over one billion data records in-house, including daily data feeds, B2C/B2B data, and opt-in data.

We offer:

  • Call Center Data and Services
  • Opt-in Email Data
  • Direct Mail Data and Services
  • Lead Generation
  • Expert Management and Quality Control
  • Mail List Rental vs. List Buying
  • Data Consulting and Pinpoint Target Marketing Approach
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Custom Direct Marketing Solutions Available

Other specialties include list brokering, data management, data by category and verticals, sales leads, co-reg data and marketing optimization.

Leads and Data has global relationships in place to procure a diverse range of U.S. and many International business lists. These can be used for marketing purposes, but can also be used to verify name, address and date of birth, gender, and where possible, many other demographics.

Additional Products and Services:

  • Fresh Leads
  • Aged Leads (click databases)
  • Wholesale Databases
  • Opt-in Email Marketing Data
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Cellular SMS Advertising and Data Lists
  • Affiliate Program
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Custom Lead Generation
  • List / Lead Monetization / Joint Ventures
  • Marketing Consultations

Search Business Lists
Generate More Qualified Business-to-Business Sales Leads

Do your salespeople, reps, resellers and distributors need more qualified business-to-business sales leads? When it comes to generating inquiries and turning them into qualified leads, we know what works and what doesn’t. We can help you maximize the number of qualified leads you generate, while staying within your budget.

Call Center Marketing
Leads and Data will conduct a pilot campaign to assist you with business development. We can tailor a program suited specifically to your company, your location and your target consumer.

Direct Marketing
Leads and Data is also engaged in direct marketing campaigns, primarily using telemarketing, pay-per-click and email marketing to generate leads in order to increase the amount of business opportunities for your company.

Direct Mail
Direct mail is still widely utilized as a fundamental marketing process to capture the attention and interest of a particular audience for a given product and service.

Direct mail is a formal medium that is effective when it is supported by other direct marketing techniques. The response rate for any direct mail campaign rises significantly when the mail piece is supported by a follow-up telephone based campaign. Although a mail piece may generate initial interest, it is usually the steps following the mail piece that will turn interest into action.

Leads and Data advises its clients to use direct mail marketing for campaigns where a hard copy marketing piece improves the overall direct marketing strategy. It also…

  • Allows your message to be creatively expressed to prospective clients.
  • Shows effort and expense in the sales process.
  • Greatly enhances effectiveness with a multi-faceted marketing approach.

Lead Generation
Lead generation is a key element of your overall lead management process. We’ve helped more than 270 companies design, develop and improve their B2B sales lead management programs. We can help you get the job done right in-house or using outsourced service companies.

Database Marketing
We’ll help you build and manage your prospect and customer database for maximum effectiveness by utilizing targeted, database-driven marketing and sales programs. The right sales lead management software can increase marketing effectiveness and shorten sales cycles. Leads and Data can help you with everything from cleaning up your existing data to using profiles of your best customers to find more companies and contacts just like them.

Mail List Rental vs. List Buying
There’s an important distinction between buying a list and renting one – and it will impact your price. When you rent a list, you never get to see the email addresses – the list owner mails out on your behalf and you’ll be charged each time you do so. When you purchase a list, you receive all the details and can use the list over and over again.