Over 1 Billion permission based audience records in OneDB.

The Datastream Group Difference

Why Datastream Group, Inc.’s data is different, and how we make data buying all about the trusted partner role.

The current data industry is a maze of silos and endless stipulations. One supplier may have online only data, another may have direct marketing data and still another may have mobile only. In other cases you may be able to get mobile and e-mails but not in a way that shows connectivity making it probablistic data at best.

Datastream Group, Inc.’s OneDb, the difference is in the data points.

Discover the Datastream Group, Inc. difference.

Datastream Group, Inc. prides itself on these main ideas;

  • Data points can be custom
  • Data should be accurate and recent
  • Data should have stringent hygiene run on it
  • Data should be actionable
  • Silos are for farms not data
  • Data should be compliant
  • Data should be as deterministic as possible

With Datastream Group, Inc.’s OneDB we bring Opt-In, online, mobile, email and direct mail data to one place without PII compliance issues. You will get recent, accurate, and actionable data, with full hygiene run on it, that is ready for anything from data validation to omni channel campaign roll outs.

If you are looking for ease of acquisition, Datastream Group, Inc. brings over 400+ data points together, to give you the insight you want and need to accurately target the audiences you want to reach with your campaign. Datastream Group is know for it’s data that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Choose from areas like;

OneDB, our core data product, incorporates all of our databases together in one centralized location

Its all about the data points

Opt In Data

Our opt in data is one of the largest, most accurate, up to date and diverse databases in the industry. With over 400+ selects, in addition to our consumer opt in data based on names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails we can build an audience or append information to your database that most others cannot. We are widely recognized for having one of the best automotive databases in the industry, along with mortgage, and household information. Get the data you want custom built, the way you need it for your campaign.

Online Data

Our online data covers nearly 91% of the webs traffic. We can build audiences by keyword, or categories visited, for the last 30 days for display campaigns that are more highly targeted, and have a higher conversion rate than the majority of our competitors. We process 2-600 million consumer records every day. Many of which have hashed e-mails associated, so we can reach consumers at the individual level. With this data you can also reach consumers by IP and Latitude and longitude, for highly targeted campaigns. We also have the ability to ingest your data and append it to the online data available. The audience can then be delivered either to you or directly onboard to your DSP. Our data is also available on the major platforms like LiveRamp, Lotame, SOVRN, and BDex.

Mobile Data

Datastream Group, Inc. has one of the largest sources of mobile beacon data in the world. This data has some of the highest location accuracy in the industry. With it we have the ability to build audiences by location based habits such as Store frequency, event frequency, duration of visit, and more. Much of our mobile data also includes a hashed e-mail giving us the ability to reach the consumer at an individual level. Both the mobile ID and the hashed e-mail are double verified making it some of the most accurate available.

Accuracy and Hygiene

Datastream Group, Inc. runs its data through a stringent hygiene process using the most up to date information for lists like DNC and unsubscribed consumers. With the scale of data we process daily you can rest assured it is the most up to date data available almost anywhere. We are so confident in the quality, that we give options on the confidence level of the data, so you can ensure you get only the cleanest, most accurate data available.

Get the data you need custom built.

Whether it is online data, social data, mobile data, direct mail campaign data, e-mail data or all of the above, Datastream Group, Inc. can make sure you get what you want, ready to deploy, at scale without the hassle of going from provider to provider. Many times we can build an audience, append and deliver the data points you need, quicker, and for less than all of the other providers combined. Plus our data has been shown to have a higher ROI than many of the competitors because of the steps we take to make sure it is the most accurate, compliant and recent data available. Datastream Group, Inc does all of that and custom delivers the data points you need to make sure you reach the audience you want and get the data point that show a more deterministic view of your customer.