If you have been following the buzz lately about IoT you will see plenty about how our homes are becoming more connected and automated. But if you look just beyond that you will also hear rumblings about cars and cities becoming smarter and more connected as well. Sure there is plenty out there about electric and self-driving cars, but even the more mundane gas guzzlers will soon be sporting virtual assistants and technology to help you find the best deals on lodging, gas, meals, and any other retail delights while on the road. Why is this important? It is, even more, evidence of what we believe is the movement of marketing from the personalization and omnichannel strategies we see today to a more location and transaction focused marketing strategy of tomorrow.

The marketing “hurdles” – For those of you keeping score at home marketers have gone from fretting about ad and click fraud, to last click attribution, to viewability and even last meter accuracy when beacons came out. Using the last meter as a reason why they were slow to adopt or invest money into location-based marketing many sat on the sidelines while companies like Marriott and Disney embraced it and mobile and ran with it to show the way. Soon after mobile payment came along and many more like CVS and Target waded in gently, to see if other technologies might work as well like wifi. With any number of different ways to connect with consumers while they are within or just outside of their four walls, retailers are slowly finding ways to connect through mobile with their customers to remarket to them after they have left the store from the data collected like device ID and matching that to POS (point of sale) Receipts.

Real time and the future of path of purchase – As data has become more real time and advances have been made in turning POS systems into beacons and systems capable of delivering offers to mobile devices within feet of checking out. Whether it’s an offer in hopes of increasing per customer ticket amounts or offers to save them money to build loyalty the connection with customers will not get more immediate or transactional than that. Add to that the ability to soon connect with them all along they journey through their car. Think Waze only a little more in your face on the dashboard. Google has already been leveraging their location data to give customers offers from advertisers like Dunkin Doughnuts and Burger King through their Waze app. The next wave will be your Apple Connects systems or OnStar helping yu to find everything from cheap gas to a room if you set off the drowsy driver system.

The data – All of this will come down to how well you know your customer and how connected you can be. Having the right data will be as important as having the right delivery partners to have access to your consumers. Soon it will be important to know everything from what type of car they drive, to the watch on their wrist, and phone in their pocket….or maybe sunglasses on their head in order to reach them with an offer perfectly suited to them to entice them to shop between their weather, traffic or bus schedule updates.


Datastream’s OneDB records are all opted in, and consumers can be targeted offline by postal and telemarketing efforts, and online by keyword, interest, and intent. Audiences can be targeted by intent to purchase categories, IP Address (B2B & B2C), and by a device (desktop, tablet, and smartphone). Data can be licensed for append purposes, marketing purposes, and hygiene & verification uses. Datastream will also enhance and enrich a company’s existing records through their OneDB platform.

Datastream has a competitive edge licensing their data because there is a large appetite in the current market for a marriage of digital identities to households. The Consumer Master File is built from active online consumer and business audiences and can be traced back to a postal address. You can also find our data on platforms like LiveRamp datastore, Lotame, and others. For custom requests, contact us to build audiences for you using keyword and or location data. We specialize in that. (bryan@datastreamgroup.com)