We are offering our complete 2010/2011 Payday database with full data records. It contains over 3 Million unique subscribers. If you want to purchase the file, it is available for download via Secure FTP. The records are all from our data feeds, so they contain all fields The cost is only $9,000. Please email info@leadsanddata.net for ordering information.

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We are now one of the internet’s foremost sources for Public Records, Motor Vehicle Databases, Criminal Databases, Employment Databases, and more.

If you are a Private Investigator or have Government contracts to fulfill, be sure to check with us and compare our services.

August’s Special Offer:

New Auto Loan leads available. 10K+ Daily @ 24-48 hours old. Inquire for Details.

Please email info@leadsanddata.net for ordering information.

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*Please note that you are responsible for DNC filtering, data cleaning, being can-spam compliant and following all laws for each channel you market to. We are not responsible for any filtering or any liabilities that would result from your marketing. We only provide data & discounts. You agree upon subscription or purchase not to hold us liable for any issues that may arise from your marketing to or using the data.*