With black Thanksgiving, Black Friday and then the holidays all looming in the near future it might be a good time to check your data and make sure you are targeting the right list. Just as the naughty and nice lists are being rechecked this time of year, you should be looking to make sure your data is fresh and that you are able to identity graph your audience so you can deliver the right campaign message to increase conversions and get the most ROI on your holiday budget. Having updated online information, mobile ID’s and especially emails on your audience will make the difference on how well your campaign is delivered and catching shoppers at the right moment while they are in the holiday spirit. Here are some tips to keep Q4 jolly;

  1. Find a third party to validate and update your first-party data and make sure you are targeting the right audiences.
  2. Make sure that third party can also add scale to your data if needed and fill in any gaps with appends.
  3. Make the data available enterprise-wide so that all of your silos are speaking to the same audience across all channels.
  4. Have a clear plan as to who the data should be delivered to if you are not taking it in-house and the workflow for where it should go and how it should get there.
  5. Be clear on formatting and data points to make sure you get the data you need for those audiences.
  6. Attribution is key, be clear on how you are tracking your funnel or customers across the various channels.
  7. Have a Happy Holidays!

These are some high level but key factors in keeping your holiday campaigns in tops shape and able to deliver directly to the consumers you are hoping to reach. Datastream Group, Inc. with their OneDB consumer database can help you reach the audiences you want to reach cross screen, cross-device and cross-channel for your omnichannel or any campaign. Let Datastream Group, Inc. help you with your first-party data as well to add scale and find customers you might have missed.

Datastreams’ 360 Allows you to have a complete view of your target consumer with records that are all opted in, and consumers can be targeted offline by postal and telemarketing efforts, online by keyword, interest, and intent. Audiences can be targeted by intent to purchase categories, IP Address (B2B & B2C), and by a device (desktop, tablet, and smartphone). Data can be licensed for append purposes, marketing purposes, and hygiene & verification uses. Datastream will also enhance and enrich a companies existing records through their 360 view.

Datastream has a competitive edge licensing their data because there is a large appetite in the current market for a marriage of digital identities to households. The Consumer Master File is built from active online consumer and business audiences and can be traced back to a postal address. You can also find our data on platforms like LiveRamp data store, Lotame, and others. For custom requests, or to find out more contact us. We specialize in helping you make sense of your data, engage and convert the right audience.. (info@datastreamgroup.com)