The use of first party data and the ability to use it to identify audiences, analytics and look alike or deterministic audiences is slowly gaining traction and becoming increasingly important when it comes to things like ROI growth, better engagement, better conversions, avoiding brand safety issues and more when it comes to campaigns. But not everyone is sure how to create this linkage and what it will look like once it is done. Because of this, not everyone is convinced it is worth the effort or will be of benefit to all of the many silos within the organization. A quick look a the linkage just for mobile ID’s will dispell many of the doubts marketers may have whether they are in a social, email, offline, display or mobile silo.

Common connectors to look for – When looking at first party data you may think you don’t have enough to be able to connect the dots to reach specific consumers that fit your audiences. Here are some of the data point that can be ingested to not only give you other data back but connect you to a complete view of the consumer you want to reach. Data points like

Device ID (if there are multiples), IP Address, Mobile Number, Hashed Mobile Number, Wifi SSID, Hashed Wifi SSID, Partner Unique ID (if you are using other third party data), Cookie ID, Home IP Address, home Lattitude and Longitude, and more.

Using these to link to other identifiers will allow you to get a complete view of your consumer and run a more engaging and POI based 0omni channel campaign. This will also allow all of the silos to be able to pull data they need from a centralized database to run the campaigns they need to make their portion effective. Being able to pull hashed emails to build Social audiences and run email campaigns for those silos, while still being able to run a mobile campaign using device Id’s and attribute is back will make things like attribution and A/B testing much easier.

Staying compliant – Keeping in mind all of this data does need to be kept separate in order to be compliant, having a way to show how things connect for attribution is key. An internal ID system that prevents the data from being connected in the outside world should there be a breach is common and the key to any attribution model. It will also aid with future campaigns and segmentation in order to identify audiences for other upcoming campaigns.

Accuracy is key – There are many schools of thought on how accurate certain databases are. One that has been heard over and over is that when you start with online data you need to be absolutely sure of its accuracy when building offline audiences from it. Like anything else, if the data is flawed or worse yet it is spoofed data then the match to offline won’t matter. Being able to validate things like the IP, latitude, and Longitude and more will save headaches down the road for your other channel campaigns. Better yet, working with a company that has highly accurate offline data and starts there to validate the online data seems to get better results in the end because the base file has already been identified and only data that matches the verified information is layered after that. This is a key differentiator for many of the data companies in the market and one of the first questions that should be asked.

The bottom line – These days everyone in the data business seems to have some sort of identity graph. The usual questions like scale, accuracy, and hygiene are still important. But other questions like how the data is gathered, data points used to match the data and if it is online to offline or the opposite is important to as to determine a confidence score on how accurate the match often is.

Datastreams’ Ingage 360 Allows you to have a complete view of your target consumer with records that are all opted in, and consumers can be targeted offline by postal and telemarketing efforts, online by keyword, interest, and intent. Audiences can be targeted by intent to purchase categories, IP Address (B2B & B2C), and by a device (desktop, tablet, and smartphone). Data can be licensed for append purposes, marketing purposes, and hygiene & verification uses. Datastream will also enhance and enrich a companies existing records through their Ingage 360 platform.

Datastream has a competitive edge licensing their data because there is a large appetite in the current market for a marriage of digital identities to households. The Consumer Master File is built from active online consumer and business audiences and can be traced back to a postal address. You can also find our data on platforms like LiveRamp data store, Lotame, and others. For custom requests, or to find out more contact us. We specialize in helping you make sense of your data, engage and convert the right audience.. (